Vietnam Vets Against Kerry Rally 12 Sept 04 Washington, DC

This will be quick as it has been a long day.

I took the 7:35 AM Delta CRJ to Reagan National this morning and met my brother Tom and his friend Walt. After a quick lunch, we headed over to the rally, which, unfortunately, you probably did not see on TV unless you watch CSPAN. I took the 5:59 PM flight to Cincinnati, and arrived in DFW well ahead of schedule just before 10 PM.

My estimate is about 2000 people showed up, along with 2 or 3 from It was interesting. The mind-numbed robots from moveon would do their yelling, original lines like "Bush lied" and everyone would stop to listen to them, and, when they ran out of breath, the crowd would do the "Kerry lied while good men died" yell with great gusto. Regardless, many productive members of society showed up to support a cause we all feel strongly about.

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