The Truth about the Protests in Crawford, Texas


I have the utmost sympathy for Cindy Sheehan. She has lost her son, and no parent should have to endure that. However, many parents have had to endure this loss as our Nation leads the war against some of the most evil people the world has known. Somewhere along the way, aliens must have kidnapped Cindy Sheehan and sucked out her brains, as she is now advocating support for the very people who killed her son.

Who is paying for this anti-American production in Crawford, Texas? According to Darrel Ankarlo,, George Soros/, Code Pink, Ben Cohen (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream), the Socialist Worker Party, Communist Party, Feminist Peace Network, Young Communist League, USA (NY) Young Democratic Socialists, (NY) Democratic Underground, and John and Elizabeth Edwards are the larger donors.

Now, she is no longer Cindy Sheehan, and has assumed the identity of al-Sheehan.

Marine Moms

When I heard that Deborah John's Marine Moms were organizing the "You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy" tour, I knew I would have to attend. It was time to show up.

My friend Bill Stone and I left Plano early Saturday morning to meet ace Vietnam Verterans for the Truth (VVFT) organizer Danita Gonder. I met with Danita and John Gonder last October for an Operation Street Corner showing in Arlington, Texas. Then, we met again at the VVFT celebration in Fort Worth in February 2005 with Larry Bailey and John O'Neill, my brother Tom's fellow Swiftvet.

Crawford, Texas

We arrived in Crawford around 11 AM. The rally was scheduled for 1 PM. It was brutally hot. After an hour, Bill and I drove out to Prairie Chapel Road where the anti-American contingent was set up. Then we went back to Crawford, attended the rally about a mile out of town and headed back to Plano around 3 PM.

Crawford is a nice town and the people were very nice to us. The surrounding area appears very prosperous.

I found a good report on the gathering at


My son Brian is a fire direction officer with the 1-41 FA Glory's Guns, 3rd ID (Rock of the Marne), FOB Brassfield Mora, Samarra, Iraq. He returns to the US in December 2005 or January 2006.

Our guys on the way out.

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