welcome to skyuka.org!

Welcome to skyuka.org!

skyuka mountain

The name Skyuka is used to identify the mountain ridge rising to the north of Tryon, NC consisting of Warrior, Round, and Miller Mountain to the west, Tryon Peak, and White Oak Mountain to the east. One or more of these mountains were named for the Cherokee chief Skyuka who signed a treaty with the British in 1767 defining this mountain ridge as the line of demarkation between Cherokee and British territory. Skyuka is variously creditied with leading the British to a victory over the Cherokee on Round Mountain, adjacent to Howard Gap, and with assisting the settlers in the Revolutionary War against the British.

This was an amazing place to grow up. My uncles owned a large land holding on the south face of the Skyuka ridge. My parents owned a 40 acre farm next to my uncles' property just north of Skyuka Road, and my parents also owned the Pacolet Plantation, completed in 1832, on Harmon Field Road. Skyuka Mountain was right outside the kitchen window. I spent my youth either gazing at the mountain or walking around on it with a .22 caliber rifle. Sometime around Christmas 1973, two friends and I put up a rock climbing route directly up the face of Tryon Peak.

More to come...

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